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Smarter Compression Technology

Compression Tests

Perebit SR-20

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I set up my test environment to simulate a central office with two remote offices connected via T1 (1.5 Mbps) lines. First I installed the SR-55 and designated it as the registration server, which keeps track of the other SRs on the network.

For my baseline test I transferred a 1-MB text file via FTP. It transferred in 5.61 seconds at 187 KB per second (approximately 1,496 Kbps). I then transferred the same file five times consecutively with the SRs on. The transmission time progressively decreased from 2.94 seconds to 0.18 seconds at 5,799.64 KB per second. I repeated the test with a 1.1-MB PDF file; its transfer speed went from 206.23 KB per second to 387 KB per second. Finally, I transferred a 50-MB Windows Cabinet File. The initial test ran at 182.14 KB per second and subsequent runs took just as long. That's because there is very little repetition in a Cab File. Overall, I saw an average 25 percent to 50 percent reduction in file size.


Peribit's device lets you create application classifications so you can instruct the SR to ignore encrypted or previously compressed data.

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