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Sky-Click: Contact Centers for Skype

Web-based contact centers reduce the high-cost of building a traditional contact center. Now a new Skype-based call center will reduce the costs of those Web-based contact centers.

Ads-Click officially launched its VoIP-based contact center, Sky-Click, this week. The software ties into Skype and enables businesses to start a contact center without the traditional hardware or software investment normally associated with a call center, or for that matter a call center service.

Ads-Click sells a keyword advertising technology. Cyril Lamblard, the chief operating officer for Ads-Click, came up with the concept of Sky-Click to help his customers close the incoming leads generated by Ads-Click.

With Sky-Click, agents can be located anywhere in the world as long as they run Skype. Pricing is extremely low at $10 per agent per month or $100 per agent per year. Web-based contact centers from vendors such as Cosmocom typically run around $300 per agent for voice alone and up to $500 per agent for voice, video and IM capabilities.

The first iteration of Sky-Click is based around Skype, although future releases will use other VoIP clients, such as GoogleTalk. Subscribers to the Sky-Click service equip agents with Skype and their CRM software. On their Web sites they place a click-to-call button. Users interested in learning more about a product can click on the button to Skype a call-center agent. The button can be customized to initiate an IM or video call.

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