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The Six Gotchas Of Skype For Business

Skype updated its business offering this week, making the service more suitable than ever for small businesses. Why pay $50 or $60 dollars per line for Centrex or buy a small PBX when Skype for Business seems to offer almost the same capabilities anywhere in the world nearly for free?

Well, not exactly. Skype for Business allows businesses to centralize the purchase of credits needed for purchasing SkypeIn, SkypeOut, voicemail, personalization, and third-party conference calling. Administrators can then distribute Skype credits, topping off all customer accounts. Skype also says its added account codes for knowing who spent those credits. The acquisition and distribution of credits and other functions are managed in a Web console called the Skype for Business Control Panel.

But Skype for Business still comes up short in six areas:

1. Skype for Business still doesn't provide centralized reporting, so business won't be able to monitor how users spend Skype credits. There's no way to monitor or prevent, for example, users from calling 900 numbers and the like.

2. Skype for Business doesn't provide hunt groups where multiple extensions ring when a phone is dialed. Skype was expected to deliver that function in this release.

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