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Seven Reasons You Need Web Conferencing

Dora Vell, president of a boutique executive search firm based in Waltham, Mass., recently searched for an executive manager for a European-based telecommunications equipment/software company. Typically, such a search would have involved $20,000 in expenses for travel and video conferencing expenses, she says.

By instead using Skype video, she was able to cut the bill to zero and get a better sense of who the best candidates were.

This is just one example of Web conferencing, but it also highlights one of the main advantages that many experts pointed out in terms of employing Web conferencing now in your enterprise " it saves money, particularly in terms of travel expense. While that's easily been the case for international travel for several years, the escalation in gasoline prices for the last couple of years means that Web conferencing also saves money in terms of local travel experts say.

While saving on travel expenses was the most often benefit and driver for installing Web conferencing now, it wasn't the only one. Aside from saving on travel expenses, these are the top reasons, according to experts:

Saves time on travel

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