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Second Lifers Find God

It's Sunday, and Anglican Mark Brown of Auckland, New Zealand is getting ready to preach the "Good Word" to his faithful flock. But rather than stepping up behind a podium, Mr. Brown is sitting down at his desk and turning on his computer.

Brown's church, with its medieval style edifice, exists solely in the massive virtual reality world Second Life. Now, if you're about to suggest that this is taking things a bit far, consider this: word of the pixilated place of worship has spread -- and the pews are filling up. His congregation has 150 official members, and in order to accommodate them and any others that stop by for mass, Brown (or Arkin Ariantho as he's known in SL) has begun to offer Sunday services in three different time zones.

Considering all the crazy stuff that goes on in Second Life, maybe a little quiet contemplation and prayer couldn't hurt.

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