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Seagate 5.0-Gigabyte Pocket Drive

You don't buy this drive for speed--it runs at 3,600 RPMs, while most drives can handle 7,200 or 10,000 RPMs. That aside, as well as considering the slow speed and two-megabyte cache, I found the drive to perform pretty well. I wouldn't edit CAD drawings directly from this little disk, but I would copy them to it and use it to transport the files between machines.

In Short
  • Product: Seagate 5.0-Gigabyte Pocket Drive
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    • $200 (includes one year warranty)

The drive comes with a driver and utility CD, but Windows XP auto-detected and installed the drive without the utilities disk. I then went ahead and installed the utilities to see what benefit they brought. Being able to make the drive read-only and to password-protect all access as well as to format and partition the drive are nice, though partitioning might be a little bit of overkill on a five-gigabyte drive.

The built-in cable could pose a long-term problem

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