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Scotiabank's New File Clerk

Seven years ago, Scotiabank (Toronto) started a data warehousing project to gain a holistic view of each customer. Scotiabank, with $281.5 billion (CAN) in total assets, achieved its objective. But, in 2001, the bank faced a new technical challenge: managing the bank's 300,000 lines of complex CoBOL code.

Though the CoBOL code got data from Point A to Point B, it came from 20 different source systems. "These source systems were constantly changing," says Kyle McNamara, vice president of data warehousing and decision support at Scotiabank. "The volume of information and the volume of dependencies made it difficult to maintain and keep the code up to date."

At A Glance
Company: Scotiabank (Toronto)
Assets: $281.5 billion (CAN)
Business Challenge: Streamline data management

Solution: Informatica's (Redwood City, Calif.) PowerCenter data management software

To respond to rapidly changing business requirements and customer needs, the bank needed a more agile system. In the fall of 2001, Scotiabank evaluated vendors' proposals and selected Redwood City, Calif.-based Informatica's PowerCenter, the data backbone that now powers Scotiabank's data warehousing and data mining solution. Built on a services-oriented architecture, PowerCenter accommodates changes in underlying operating systems or databases, while infrastructure additions can be adopted within the PowerCenter data integration. The solution runs on the bank's current IBM servers.

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