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SBC Ponders New Name: AT&T

Ma Bell may return in name at least, according to a published report Thursday that suggests SBC Communications Inc., which is acquiring AT&T, could drop SBC and return to the shorthand version of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co.

The Wall Street Journal reported that SBC’s management appears to be favoring the AT&T moniker, one of the most famous brands in the U.S.

The move could make sense for San Antonio-based SBC as it continues to strike out across the nation from its roots in the South West. SBC has already changed its brand name from Southwestern Bell Corp. to SBC.

When SBC announced earlier this year that it would acquire AT&T for $16 billion, SBC Chairman and chief executive Edward Whitacre was quoted as saying: “We value the heritage and strength of the AT&T brand, which is one of the most widely recognized and respected names throughout the world, and it will certainly be a part of the new company’s future.”