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SAN Switches

Low-Cost iSCSI

Just as the Fibre Channel IP protocols will strengthen your SAN investment, iSCSI will help you implement a less-expensive SAN setup over your IP network. ISCSI treats remote disks like they are directly attached to your machines, letting you centralize storage and storage management. Because iSCSI can be configured to behave like a SAN or NAS (network-attached storage), it is the most versatile option available. If you are just starting out with a SAN or planning a new SAN, iSCSI is worth investigating.



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Some vendors offer iSCSI support that makes up for the maximum 1-Gbps speed of Ethernet with multiple Ethernet controllers, approaching or even surpassing the fastest available FC SAN speeds. So deploy iSCSI where it makes sense--in your SAN switch. You can hook iSCSI clients to your existing SAN hardware without modification. The right switch will permit iSCSI connections to your FC network, opening up potential uses for the SAN to a larger pool of systems. Users get data at the most reasonable price-performance ratio for their application, and you're a hero.

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