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Ruckus Releases 802.11n Access Points

Ruckus 802.11n Access Points

Ruckus 802.11n access points
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Ruckus Wireless on Monday released a dual-radio 802.11n access point that it said can solve the performance and range issues many enterprises have with wireless networks.

The ZoneFlex 7962 is a dual-band access point that utilizes beam-forming technology to provide two to four times the range of its rivals, Ruckus said. While companies like Cisco also use beam forming for their 802.11n access points, they use the technology at the chip level. Ruckus uses it at the antenna level, which the company said is superior because it enables the access point to avoid interference while retaining a better throughput, and it provides more predictable connectivity.

By combining the beam-forming technology with automatic interference mitigation technology, Ruckus said its access points can simplify the deployment of 802.11n without losing the performance benefits. The company said the ZoneFlex can be used for a wireless network that simultaneously supports voice, video, and data. Ruckus is aiming this access point at businesses that want to provide high-speed access to thousands of end users, but may not have a large IT staff -- like a hotel, hospital, or university.

"In these economic times, enterprises are looking for practical solutions that let them keep pace with business requirements as budgets shrink," said Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless, in a statement. "For Wi-Fi, it means higher capacity, steadier coverage, more users, less maintenance, and doing it all at the lowest possible cost. ZoneFlex Enterprise achieves this, resetting the industry's price/performance bar for smarter wireless LANs."

The ZoneFlex 7962 is available now for $999, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The 802.11n standard has the potential to provide a truly unwired enterprise, but questions remain about costs and legacy equipment. InformationWeek analyzed the issue in an independent report, and it can be downloaded here (registration required).