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RingCentral Updates On-Demand Telecom Service For Small Businesses

RingCentral Inc. today announced RingCentral Online 3.0, an update of its on-demand telecommunications service for small businesses and mobile workers.

The market demand for affordable telecom services services has been exploding in the small business sector, especially for those businesses with less than 10 employees. Rather than shell out dollars for traditional PBX systems, individual professions such as real estate brokers, insurance representatives, lawyers, and financial specialists, and the smallest businesses opt to use telecom services that are really targeted at home users. They also increasingly depend on mobile phones to conduct business. But such an approach leads to missed messages, unmanageable communications with employees and clients, and a degradation in the professional image of the business.

RingCentral attempts to solve these problems with an on-demand telecom service that unifies land lines, wireless, VoIP, and email communications. According to the company, RingCentral Online 3.0 delivers dial-tone independence and full fax integration and does not require purchasing any new hardware and software.

Among the new features delivered with this service update include answering rules, which allows for call scheduling, filtering, and routing functionality that allows businesses to greet callers with customized messages and route them according to the day, time, date range and caller ID. A Music On-Hold service provides an assortment of music and custom announcement options. There's also a dial-by-directory feature that allows callers to more easily locate the appropriate individual or department.

RingCentral Online 3.0 is available immediately. For further information, contact