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Review: TiVo Series2 DT DVR

With the latest release of TiVo's $99.99-and-up dual channel DVR, complete with an Ethernet port, these recorders are really hitting their stride. The ability to record on more than one channel at a time makes the TiVo experience much more useful and less frustrating. And if that's not enough channels for you, the ability to control as many household units as you want from the Internet means that you can record as many channels as you can afford TiVos for -- a TV reviewer's dream.

Setup for the Series2 DT was a snap, despite my attempts to plug cables into the wrong ports, not having a phone line for it to get its programming information over, and my decision to use TiVo's wireless adapter right from the start.

On the last unit I set up, a phone line was required for initial communication with TiVo central, and TiVo's own USB Wi-Fi adapters were backordered, leaving me to hunt for a rare compatible adaptor. Once I got that one to work, it worked fine, but I was relieved to see that setting up the new unit was literally a matter of plugging it in and using the remote control to answer a few easy questions, including my zip code and type of cable access.

It took less than a half hour to hook up and download its programming information. The unit had no trouble finding the wireless TiVo adapter plugged into a USB port on the back.

Once up and running, I went looking for competing shows to record, and found it easy to schedule multiple shows with the remote. The program information display includes a note that you can switch tuners by pressing the "Live TV" button, which allows them to use the same "peanut" controller that they've been using.

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