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The Intermec access point offered the best performance in normal mode but was average in turbo mode. We were disappointed in the product's range, which was second worst of all products tested. The ping coverage at the various spots, with maximum antenna transmit power enabled, indicated up to 40 percent packet loss at spot E and 100 percent packet loss at spot F.

MobileLAN Access 2106, $795. Intermec Technologies Corp., (800) 934-3163, (425) 348-2600.

SMC Networks MC2755W Wireless Access Point

SMC's 2755W access point is more suitable for SOHO (small office/home office) deployments. With its high-speed 802.11a WLAN capabilities, extremely aggressive price and simple management interface, it is bound to catch the attention of cost-conscious customers. The SMC offering looks virtually identical to the Atheros reference-design product we evaluated previously (see www.nwc. com/1305/1305sp3.html). This is no surprise--Accton Technology, SMC's parent company, has a manufacturing relationship with Atheros. While the 2755W provides basic WLAN functionality, however, its features are not extensive enough for enterprise installations.