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Review: HP ProLiant DL140

Slim and sleek, coupled with superior technical attributes, is the best way to describe Hewlett Packard's recently released ProLiant DL140 server. The company claims this is the first in a series of ProLiant 100 servers, and with a price tag starting at $1,299, the company hopes the server will appeal to the mid-market.

With office space and money at a premium nowadays, the days of spending money like water is long gone. Businesses now must examine every conceivable cost, even when it comes to purchasing a server. Besides the price tag, organizations must take into account the power a server consumes, the raw processing power it houses, and the space it occupies.

This server is a perfect fit for small to midsize businesses, which for example, do not have the luxury of office space or a large bank roll. The unit takes up little space, and taking advantage of the unit's size, companies can host their business out of a closet if necessary, eliminating the need for additional, high-cost office space.

As great as it is to hear about a server saving space with a very reasonable price point, the main reason a company acquires a server is processing power or performance.
The server is designed as a two-way server aimed at the high-performance technical computing market, rendering data, simulations that are not too graphic intensive; its talents are more on the processor computing side.

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