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Review: Empirix' OneSight 5.0

Monitoring products run the gamut from simple ping monitors for small networks to more complex element managers with Layer 2 topologies that monitor thousands of nodes. Somewhere in the middle lie performance monitors, which collect data from many different data sources, including SNMP, pings, applications and operating systems, using native data sources or installed agents.

Empirix's OneSight excels at gathering throughput and error information and performing availability mapping--showing what's normal for a network and its services. In addition, OneSight uses the same scripts as Empirix's load-generation product, e-Tester. This lets OneSight bring the same standards used for testing applications to network monitoring, normalizing service-level management from development to operations.

OneSight includes Tomcat Web server and MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine) and supports MS SQL databases. All administrative functions, including configuration, can be accomplished using the product's Web console, which requires Java 1.4.1 or above and Macromedia Flash 5.0. However, you can view device status and alerts without these plug-ins.

Get Organized

I easily installed OneSight in our Syracuse University Real-World Labs®. I accepted all the default settings and used OneSight to monitor our NWC Inc. Oracle server. NWC Inc., in Green Bay, Wis., is our Web-based widget manufacturing company and 24/7 business applications lab (go to for details on the lab and a blog about our testing).

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