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Review: Certance CP 3100

Disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) products come in a range of sizes. Higher-end devices include terabytes of disk and tape storage and are designed to simultaneously back up a network full of servers. These units are best-suited to your midsize accounts. For accounts with more modest needs, there is the Certance CP 3100, which offers full D2D2T functionality in a small footprint and at an affordable price. Though, time permitting, it could back up a midsize network of servers, in its current configuration it really shines as a one- or two-server backup device.


Company: Certance
Model: CP 3100

Price: $2,499, as configured for testing

The CP 3100 I tested came with a 160-GB SCSI disk drive (externally expandable to 1 TB) and a DAT 72 (DDS-4 compatible) tape drive with an uncompressed capacity of 36 GB. It's also available as a D2D-only product with a disk capacity up to 360 GB, in which case you have to supply a DDS-4 or DAT 72 tape drive if you want the D2T part of D2D2T. CP 3100 units also come with a 10/100/1000 Ethernet jack. You connect the CP 3100 to your computer's SCSI adapter using a SCSI LVD HD68 cable.

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