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Review: C++ Web Services Servers

C++ Web services servers are not only as interoperable as Java- and C#-based services, they are also faster and much more easily integrated with third-party software. Unfortunately, the hype surrounding .Net and Java technologies has turned attention away from C++-based middleware. While coding is easier with Java and .Net, these platforms have large overheads and make architectural intricacies inaccessible to developers.

Currently, there are two commercial and two open-source C++ Web services servers. CRN Test Center engineers examined the Systinet Server for C++ and put it head-to-head with Apache Axis and gSOAP.

These products are designed to marshal data and transport it using XML, SOAP and HTTP through a set of executables. These executables use APIs that either work directly through HTTP or use the resources of Web servers like Apache and Microsoft IIS.

Systinet's commercial Web services server and API are simple and straightforward, and the software's compilation process is easy to follow. While setup is not as easy as that of gSOAP, engineers had Systinet Server running in a couple of hours.

Serializing and deserializing with Systinet Server is done automatically through a WSDL compiler. The data types that are converted through XML to C++ are also mapped and converted automatically by the compiler. The server accepts typecasting, most XML primitives, complex types and STL.

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