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Review: Axentra OfficeSeries Server S-200

Many small offices struggle with configuring and maintaining the multitude of devices and services required to keep them digitally viable.

Connections from cable or DSL modems to PCs in the office can quickly become a confusing tangle of wires linking file servers, firewalls, network switches, web servers, wireless access points, and more. Many small business owners will tell you that once they've finally got their configuration working, they dread touching it for fear something may stop working. Then, not only will they be without their network, they'll also have to spend the day troubleshooting.

Axentra's OfficeSeries Servers address precisely these issues by putting nearly everything needed to support a small office in a single PC case. Small Business Pipeline reviewed Axentra's S-200 - priced at $749 -- which is their middle-of-the-line system. The lower-priced model S-100 doesn't include a wireless access point or blogging software, while the top-end S-500 includes more robust web hosting and e-mail facilities to better serve larger offices.

We found the S-200 to be a terrific combination that replaced four separate devices, three remote subscription services, and added several functions I had planned on spending more money on.

Plug and Go

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