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Retailing Synergy Through Multiple Sales Channels: Two Success Stories

Online sales are growing for small businesses. But that doesn't mean they should ignore their offline efforts. Indeed, by using metrics provided from online sites, retailers can improve their both sales and customer service at their brick-and-mortar sites.

“At the end of the day, the bottom line profit from e-commerce isn’t just from revenue generation,” says Edward P. Foy, Jr., chief executive office of eFashionSolutions, a company manages e-commerce sites for specialty retailers like Baby Phat, House of Dereon, and Orange County Choppers. “Only one percent to six percent of all sales today are online, but the relevancy of the information that you can get online can help the profitability of your online and offline operations alike."

Knowledge is power, and by using the tools that are available to measure online success can remove the guesswork for all aspects of running a business. Data can help you increase operational efficiencies and profit with targeted media buying, more efficient distribution, and insight that helps bring the right products and services to market.

"That information provides you with an edge in the marketplace,” says Foy.

From experience, eFashionSolutions, which helps fashion designers with Web site design and management, has found that online surveys help determine if a retailer is spending adverting dollars in the right place. The information garnered from online surveys, e-commerce sales, and returns data can help a retailer determine the items customers want as well as where customers are geographically, the latter can help with proper merchandising at physical locations.

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