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Report: Integrated Access Device Market Surging

Carrier sales of integrated voice and data access service are driving demand for packet Integrated Access Devices (IADs), say analysts at In-Stat/MDR. IADs are devices that allow carrier's to aggregate multiple types of data and voice traffic from a customer premises to the carrier's network. The overall global shipments of IAD (TDM and packet) products grew 10 percent in 2003, from 173,000 to 193,000.

The high tech market research firm says total IAD unit shipments will grow 10%-15% per year from 2004-2008, while total annual revenue will grow from $212 million to $267 million during that period. Those findings reflect declining average prices for IADs.

"The average price for IADs will decrease to below $800 by 2008 based on smaller port configurations," says In-Stat/MDR analyst Keith Nissen. "Decreasing component costs, such as digital signaling processors (DSPs), and price competition from other vendors and other technologies, will also contribute to lower ASPs through 2008."

A recent In-Stat/MDR report has also found that:

  • Approximately 80% of all IADs were sold in the US market.
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