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Remote Control

James E. Drews replies: Thanks for the additional information. During our testing, we didn't notice any obvious performance problems with disk/network. But since we didn't have identical hardware for all our installed products, we can't say whether the speed differences were a result of the hardware or the software.

Remote Control

Thank you, Jonathan Feldman, for your column "Katrina's Harsh Lessons" (Oct. 1). I especially appreciated reading about your experience with the GoToMyPC Web-based service to expand remote capability.

As my organization's lone "IT guy," I'd like to let our users work remotely, but I haven't found the right solution. When I started working here two years ago, a few of the folks were using GoToMyPC, but I wasn't keen on the idea--we didn't even have a firewall then. Even after we installed one, it seemed like we were punching a gaping hole in our perimeter.

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