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Recording ISOs Made Easy

Sometimes, the strangest things drive us to find interesting little utilities.
I'm preparing for a test of Sun's Application Server 8.1 and NetBeans 4.1. The test bed requires Red Hat AS 3.0 Update 3. No problem, right? Just download the ISOs and burn them, right?
Either I'm too comfortable with a Linux desktop or Windows makes the process of creating a CD from an ISO too hard. (I'm guessing it's a little of both, but I never had a problem doing this on the command line in Linux... )

A quick search finds me the perfect tool for XP. ISO Recorder. After installation I was two clicks away from burning a CD from an ISO. No heavy lifting required.

The only gotcha is that if you're running XP SP2 you need to install the beta version - anything before SP2 requires the original version. Other than that, it's just the thing for quick burning of ISOs to CDs.
And the best part was that it was F R E E. So check out Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder if you're looking for a down and dirty, easy to use ISO to CD burning tool.