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Quick Takes

St. Bernard UpdateExpert 6.0

To keep Microsoft's many operating systems and application updates in check and applied, you need a sound patching strategy. St. Bernard answers the call with UpdateExpert 6.0. With this automated patch-management solution, network managers can boost efficiency and enforce software security policies, thanks to St. Bernard's dynamic and frequently updated research database, which ensures that relevant patches are identified and applied to Windows NT/2000/XP, SQL Server, Internet Explorer and many other applications. By using remote agents, any number of networked machines can be patch-managed from UpdateExpert's central console.

Subscription pricing based on number of users; starts at $1,400 for a one-year subscription for one to 100 workstations. St. Bernard Software, (800) 782-3762, (858) 676-2277.

Winternals Recovery Manager

And if the patches fail you, Winternals provides accelerated recovery for Windows Server NT4/2000/XP/2003 systems via its Recovery Manager. Boasting an increased rate of recovery, Recovery Manager accesses the OS via the network from the admin computer, rather than reimaging and reinstalling lost systems. Additionally, Recovery Manager takes scheduled snapshots of each machine's system and config files. The system can be recovered to the last snapshot taken when all was OK. Even unbootable systems can be restored. The product relies on restoration from tape backup only as a last resort.

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