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Quick Takes

WARP Solutions 2063e Version 3 Edge Appliance

In January 2002, Network Computing reviewed WARP Solutions WARP 2063 cache accelerator. Now WARP is set to introduce version 3 of its 2063e Edge Appliance, which is designed to channel requests to the closest node. Advanced clustering technology, compression technology, virtual hosting and partial page caching speed things along, while advanced security technology in the form of SSL acceleration creates a round-trip path from browser to appliance to origin server and back..

Available: April 15. $80,000. WARP Solutions, (877) 688-9277, (212) 962-9277.

AlertSite Transaction Recorder

Internet performance-management provider AlertSite has added an application script to its service that promises to ease the creation of order forms and limit the number of lost orders. The Transaction Recorder allows the user to create and edit almost any Web transaction script, which is then used to quantify the performance of critical online transactions, both internal and external. Source in HTML, frames, redirections, cookies, headers, hidden fields and post data are all displayed for diagnostic purposes.

Free to customers, services begin at $100 per month. AlertSite, (877) 302-5378, (561) 218-5527.

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