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Quick Takes

Cyclone Commerce Cyclone Director

Cyclone Commerce promises real-time transaction tracking between companies that do business over the Internet. Cyclone Director comprises four management applications: Community Director software and services let you plan, provision and manage business with your value-chain partners. Transaction Director allows you to view and act on transactions without waiting. Process Director helps you automate transactions by establishing roles and rules. Visibility Director gives you comprehensive views of value-chain activity. Community and Transaction Directors are available now; Process and Visibility Directors are scheduled for release later this year.

Contact vendor for pricing. Cyclone Commerce, (480) 627-1800.

Alcatel Assessment for VoIP Solution

Enterprises looking to implement voice over IP or concerned with the quality of their existing VoIP systems should consider Alcatel's AVISO three-part VoIP analysis and monitoring tool. This software helps you assess your network's readiness for VoIP by simulating the effects of VoIP speech quality based on both current requirements and future plans. AVISO also provides performance monitoring, alerts and troubleshooting.

Starts at $3,330 (including maintenance). Alcatel,
(818) 880-3500, (800) 995-2612.

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