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Quick Take: ShoreTel Telephony Server 7.0

ShoreTel Telephony Server 7.0, ShoreTel

Usability and scalability take center stage with the new ShoreTel version 7.0 telephony server. ShoreTel simplifies configuration by adding the ability to import users' Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, but Active Directory integration is still not available. Administrators can define some 50 functions that users and groups can then install on their desktop calling interfaces. Other usability features include substituting a single keystroke for group pickup instead of complicated key codes. New hardware includes the ShoreGear 50 (50 phones, $2,695) and ShoreGear 90 (90 phones, $4,195), the ShoreGear 220T1 (100 phones and a T1, $7,995), and the SIP-based Shore-Tel IP 8000 Conference Phone ($1,299).

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