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Pumping Up the Online Jam

Collaboration is a popular buzzword for a lot of technology companies. But in the case of a recently launched software platform from eJamming Inc., the tag actually fits.

And the eJamming Station is a lot cooler than most any other "real-time" session, since the people getting together are musicians -- professional or aspiring artists playing over the Internet with their friends and complete strangers.

There are no groupies yet -- the technology has only been online for a couple months and has less than 1,000 users -- but Alan Glueckman, who founded the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company along with Gail Kantor and serves as its president, expects the community to grow once some social-networking features are added in the next few weeks that will give it a MySpace or Friendster flavor.

Users of eJamming, which the company describes as "the world's first real-time Internet-based music collaboration software," will be able to post personal profiles and search others by genre of music, style, playing ability, and location, and even send invitations to set up sessions with musicians anywhere in the world.

"You could call up a buddy of yours and each of you could get on the computer and mess around, or there's a chat room where you can look for other people to play with, which is a real cool feature," says Aaron Kaplan, a professional musician in Los Angeles.

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