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Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Customer data is the most prized asset of business. Unfortunately, too many enterprises have not gone far enough when it comes to ensuring the protection of that information. Most companies are generally conscientious about data systems security but too many are guilty of not looking at the big picture and evaluating their full risk profile. That includes looking at physical security, and how data is handled by third-party partners including couriers. After all, a number of recent high-profile data compromises have actually taken place when a backup tape was in transit.Protecting this critical asset is involves both security tools and procedures. So how well-conceived and executed is your organization's security with regard to protecting data? Take a minute and weigh in on this week's poll.

Chances are, if your company isn't paying full attention to the issue now it will be soon. Recent incidents have caught the attention of lawmakers and regulators so it is only a matter of time before business buckles down and focuses on closing the very dangerous gaps that leave confidential customer information exposed to compromise. And if you are looking for some tips on protecting that data, check out the Systems Management Pipeline article by contributor Phil Britt which offers some much-needed guidance on what is a very sensitive subject.