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Product Announcement: Emic^H^H^H^HContinuent

Emic Networks has rebranded itself as Continuent and completed its Series B funding this month.
With the rebranding comes some great news for databases, as the previously MySQL focused HA database product line will be expanded to support not only MySQL and PostgreSQL, but commercial databases including SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle in 2006.
Continuent's HA solutions have been completely rearchitected and are transparent to middleware and fully transactional. It runs on any tier and has been enhanced to support heterogeneous databases.

Yup. You can support your mission critical database by providing high availability failover support to a MySQL database. How cool is that?

Way cool. Talk about lowering the cost of redundancy in the data center. Continuent's products also do on the fly conversions of between specific SQL implementations, so the oddities between SQL Server and MySQL or Oracle and SQL Server can be handled transparently by Continuent's products without worrying about recoding.
You've got to check this out. Continuent