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A Phishing Top 10 List

In case you are among the lucky few who never get those annoying phishing e-mails—the ones that inform you that your account with an organization that you don't do business with is going to be suspended unless you respond and give them all your personal information— here's the top 10 phished organizations on the Internet, according to data collected by CipherTrust from thousands of customers using its IronMail gateway appliance.

Now these are all reputable organizations that would never make the requests for personal data contained in typical phishing queries, so even if you have conducted transactions with these companies, never respond to such online requests. In fact, companies with the best reputations make the best phishing fronts because unsuspecting customers are more likely to trust the brands represented in the fraudulent messages.So, without further ado, here's the Top 10 Phished Organizations:

1. EBay
2. PayPal
3. Bank First
5. Chase Bank
6. Wells Fargo
7. Bank of Oklahoma
8. Barclays Bank
9. Bank of America
10. People's Bank

Any of those look familiar? I can't count how many times my EBay account has been cancelled. But the good news is that somehow it must have been reinstated, because a couple days later it would be up for cancellation again. Go figure.

And also from the data reported by CipherTrust users, the top offending IP address is, responsible for phishing Paypal from Bucharest and Romania via Internet service provider Romania Data Systems.