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Peribit Boosts App Performance Over WANs

Peribit Networks on Monday rolled out new technology that enables its bandwidth optimization appliances to improve the performance of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft file services and Web-based applications over WANs.

Through a new version of its operating system, Sequence Reduction System Version 5.1, Peribit is adding performance acceleration capabilities to its appliances around three protocols: MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface), which is used by Exchange; CIFS (Common Internet File System), a Microsoft file services protocol; and Web protocol HTTP. Peribit dubs the application acceleration technology Application Flow Accelerator, or AppFlow for short.

AppFlow enables those protocols to benefit from Peribit's TCP acceleration, which speeds application performance and reduces bandwidth consumption, said Mike Banic, vice president of corporate marketing at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Peribit.

"We focus on improving application performance over the WAN to make performance for [users at] branch offices look closer to that of a user at headquarters sitting next to the data center," Banic said.

Peribit's new application-specific performance enhancement will improve customers' WAN performance as a whole, allowing them to get more out of their WAN links, said Jerry Basset, vice president and partner at Structured Communications, a solution provider in Portland, Ore. "With a T1, you can give 10 applications across it, where before two might burden it," he said.

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