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Packeteer CEO Sees Partner Opportunities As Networks Evolve

Over the years, Packeteer has grown into a respected provider of network hardware that prioritizes packets, with its devices sitting at the intersection between the data center and the edge of the network. This year, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company plans to significantly enlarge its footprint with a product expansion drive that it hopes will extend the services portfolio of its partners. Packeteer President and CEO Dave Cote explained why the continuing expansion of applications across far-flung networks is creating a services opportunity for solution providers in an interview with CRN Editor In Chief Michael Vizard.

CRN: In the past, the need for products like Packeteer's was pretty much limited to the core of the network. What's changing these days that will give Packeteer a bigger profile on the network?

COTE: With the advent of MPLS-based networks, we see meshing that's occurring that requires technology like ours out on the edge more. As people try to deploy more things across the network, they need technologies like ours that help to maximize performance or block problem traffic.

CRN: What are you doing to help facilitate that?

COTE: A big priority for us from a product standpoint, which isn't very sexy, is improving our central management and our central reporting ability so you can manage 1,000 of these units from a single site. You can literally push the configuration out so you can now lower the total cost of ownership of deploying 1,000 boxes. Our goal is to have FedEx as the technician. You literally deliver the box, plug in power, and plug in Ethernet-in and Ethernet-out because it sits right behind the router. And you have the central site configured. We believe we've got to create a platform that delivers more functionality over time.

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