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Packet Design Unveils New IP Traffic-Analysis System

Packet Design this week is launching the latest version of its IP traffic-analysis system, which lets businesses track and assess application traffic by particular application and CoS (class of service) on all network segments. The company says Traffic Explorer 2.0 gives IT managers the information they need to diagnose and fix IP application problems quickly and efficiently using what the vendor calls "path awareness" to understand the impact of routing changes on network application performance.

Leveraging Cisco Netflow data, Packet Design's Traffic Explorer targets a growing need in application performance management for correlated network and application data. This important product release addresses a deeper want to understand the impact network performance problems have on applications as well as on service-level agreements and other quality of service guarantees, which was not dealt with in the first release of Traffic Exploder.
Michael Biddick
NWC Contributing Editor

The previous version of the product, Traffic Explorer 1.0, showed aggregate traffic using a subset of flow attributes. The vendor says the new version takes an important step beyond that by using all flow data, including source and/or destination address or prefix, transport protocol, port number or range and CoS metrics like DSCP (DiffServ Code Point) and ToS (Type of Service). As a result, IT managers can track traffic by application, department, CoS, and other groupings defined by various flow attributes.

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