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Nortel Adds Brocade WAFS To New Switch

Nortel Networks is adding wide-area file services (WAFS) to its new business-continuity system with help from Brocade Communications Systems.

Toronto-based Nortel is adding the software version of Brocade's Tapestry WAFS technology to its Business Continuity System 3000 branch-office networking switch, said Mike Schmitt, product marketing manager for file services at Brocade, San Jose, Calif.

The BCS 3000 Branch Office configuration, which Nortel unveiled Tuesday, embeds Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 and uses the security, networking and directory technology from the Windows Server platform. It's aimed at seamless integration with Microsoft networking services, Windows desktop environments and Windows security features, Nortel said.

WAFS technology allows businesses to store and manage data at a central data center and make it available to remote or branch offices at LAN speed. Appliances in the data center and the remote offices provide high-speed gateways to the data.

The Brocade WAFS technology is being offered by Nortel as an optional blade in the new Nortel BCS 3000, according to Schmitt. It's the first of a series of modules that Nortel plans for the switch, and Nortel is the second OEM customer of the technology after Fujitsu-Siemens in Europe, he said.

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