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NextPage's NextPage 1.5

The client stores data on tracked files in the user's application data folder. These files grow, depending on the number of files selected for tracking. During tests in our Syracuse University Real-World Labs®, my files grew to 5 MB.

What's Your Version?

I created a Word document to edit and share with my two best friends in the Syracuse labs: Client11 and Client181. I wouldn't do anything without these pals, so I installed copies of NextPage 1.5 for them as well. Once I was happy with my master document, I fired up Outlook, attached and e-mailed the document. The Send pop-up window let me append to the message a document signature, including my e-mail address and file information, such as the last date and time the document was saved. It also supplied a long URL to obtain the latest document-version information from NextPage's central server.

If you edit and save the document after sending it but before the recipients have reviewed it, the document signature will provide a NextPage server link displaying the current version information, updated by client software. But to click on the link or import the URL into a browser's address window, you must restore line breaks in the e-mail message. It would be nice if the URL were simplified (like the mod_rewrite module in Apache does).

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