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New Xirrus XR Wireless Array Debuts At Interop New York

Setting up a wireless network in a home is simple, just plug a single WiFi access point into your Internet connection and you’re done. But when it comes to wireless in a large company or in large venues, setting up a wireless network is a complex and often expensive task involving connecting and managing multiple access points across the complex, not to mention the work of running Ethernet cables to every AP.

However, with Xirrus XR Wireless Arrays, a single array can take the place of multiple access points and provide a wide area wireless network (and the array only needs a single Ethernet connection). At Intereop New York, Xirrus CEO Dirk Gates demonstrated the latest version of the XR Wireless Array to TechWeb’s Jim Rapoza (see video below).

With the latest version of the Array, the device now has a modular nature that makes it possible to use as many access points in each array as required and to even mix and match different wireless radio’s within each array, making it possible to support both legacy and cutting edge wireless technologies as they become available. More information on the Xirrus XR Wireless Array’s can be found at