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New Sun Servers Get Nods From Solution Providers

Sun Microsystems Tuesday unveiled two rack-mount servers based on its new UltraSparc T1 processors with prices starting as low as $2,995.

The new T1000 and T2000 servers are based on Sun's multi-core processors, formerly code-named Niagra, and promise high performance with lower power consumption.

The T1 line is able to accomplish power-performance ratio by bulking up on lower-speed cores -- the processors run at 1GHz or 1.2GHz at 60 Watts to 70 Watts -- and by making use of Solaris and Java’s native multithreading capabilities, Sun executives said. The T1 can handle up to four threads per core. Most processors can natively handle only one thread per core.

A source close to Sun said at least one power company is expected to offer energy rebates to customers using the new servers. But a spokesman said Sun is not ready to comment on potential energy rebates.

The new servers support processors with four to eight cores in either 1U or 2U rack configurations. Pricing for the 1U T1000 with four- or six-core T1 processors starts at $2,995 and extends to $10,995. The T2000, which includes internal redundancy options in a 2U rack, comes with four- to eight-core T1 processors and is priced at $7,795 to $25,995.

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