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New Middleware Deploys IPTV Via Traditional and Hybrid IP Networks

OpenTV Corp. has announced a new version of its IP television (IPTV) middleware that allows cable and satellite providers and telecommunications carriers to deploy IPTV services over traditional and hybrid broadband IP networks.

OpenTV Core 2.0 for IPTV allows providers to deploy a wide range of applications and services, including interactive television and games, video on demand and personal video recorders over their IP networks. It supports more than 35 manufacturers' set-top boxes and features open interfaces to offer a high level of flexibility with rights management and content protection systems and a range of server and customer premises hardware.

"With OpenTV IPTV, operators can now build IPTV services without compromising on advanced features such as video on demand (VOD), personal video recording (PVR) and interactivity, all while relying on a proven platform with global distribution, support services and a world-wide developer community with OpenTV applications and content ready to deploy," OpenTV's senior vice president and general manager of products and marketing Tim Evard said in a statement. "Whether a new entrant into the digital TV market wants to deploy IPTV, or a cable or satellite operator wants to leverage its existing infrastructure to deploy over IP, OpenTV Core 2.0 for IPTV enables them to deliver scalable solutions quickly and cost-effectively to their subscribers."

OpenTV Core 2.0 for IPTV will be commercially available in June.