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NetSuite 9.5 Redefines Web-Based Business

Accounting & ERP Lite

For testing purposes, I created a product matrix for widgets of various colors and lengths. This record tied in with several modules, letting me match the products with their corresponding COGS (cost of goods sold), income and asset accounts, as well as build a 1,000-unit "point and select" inventory reordering system.

Next, I set up several price breaks based on volume, letting NetSuite update employee and corporate discounts automatically using preconfigured pricing rules. I also created a custom Web store product description, related-item table and pricing structure when filling out the product-information form.

Upon setting up my account, I could enter the Web store as a new customer, search for a specific widget model and place an order. To test the pricing rules, I returned to the admin interface and gave my customer the role of sales manager. Accordingly, when I ordered widgets at the Web store, I received an employee discount.

When inventory levels fell well below the required reorder points, I responded by creating a PO (purchase order) for various colors and lengths, which I could e-mail or fax to my favorite vendor. Next, I marked the items on the PO as received. My action was instantly reflected in the inventory numbers, which were made available to CxOs, sales reps and the Web store.

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