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NetOptics iTap

Why use a tap to count stats you could get from any network-monitoring tool or probe? I asked myself that question as I set up a fiber SX iTap on our Real-World Labs® on Syracuse University's backbone. The answer is about keeping it simple. The effort required to crank up a monitoring system is overkill when all you want to know is whether a particular link has problems.

So, I'm at the rack, and instead of patching a monitor in, waiting for it to gather data and then finding a computer to view the monitoring system's user interface, I just look at the tap, see the peaks and note whether there were threshold violations or alarms.


• Quick utilization and error info
• No monitoring system required for basic info
• Four management integrations


• Needs nonvolatile memory
• Setup CLI clunky

iTap Gigabit port aggregator, $3,095. Net Optics, (408) 737-7777.
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