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Net2phone Tests Verisign VoIP Service Combining Mobile and Wi-Fi Nets

Enterprise and carrier voice over IP (VoIP) provider Net2Phone has begun trials of VeriSign's Wireless IP Connect service, integrating mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

According to VerSign, Wireless IP Connect resolves interoperability issues between different types of networks by providing a single cellular-to-Wi-Fi interconnection point. As a results, cellular phones can register as IP devices when in range of a wireless network in order to allow the user to make VoIP calls.

Based on the mobility management features developed for VeriSign's signaling system 7 (SS7) network – one of the largest of its kind in North America – Wireless IP Connect supports GSM-MAP and ANSI-41 messaging and resolves interoperability issues between H.323, session initiation protocol (SIP), and call management server signaling (CMSS). The service routes calls using the authentication and location functions of VeriSign's Network Routing Directory.

Though Wireless IP Connect is not yet ready for market, VeriSign vice president of next generation services Tom Kershaw says the Net2Phone trial is part of a larger trend toward network convergence.

"This new market trial will enable broadband operators to accelerate the deployment of the triple threat -- voice, data and wireless services -- for consumers," he said in a statement. "By combining VeriSign's Intelligent Infrastructure with Net2Phone's VoiceLine service, Net2Phone's customers will benefit from having a reliable, high-quality calling option that combines landline services, the lower cost of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) calls and the convenience of mobility."