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MySQL Hits The Big Time

Did you just read about the new agreement between HP and MySQL? Who would of thunk it?!

For years, people looked at this little upstart database client/server program as just for kid stuff. Simple low-end non-mission critical applications. But those of us who used it knew that it was a powerful database which used standard SQL terminology (unlike MS SQL, which had to make up its own language).

In my humble opinion -- and to the best of my limited knowledge in all things -- MySQL is geared toward read versus transactional. And as such, it is wicked fast and efficient. So efficient that HP has recognized MySQL and its place in the database world.

So why is HP moving in this direction? According to CRN's reporter Barbara Darrow, it is doing so to position itself against IBM. IBM has a big Linux push. HP obviously wants part of that marketplace.

IBM has DB2 and WebSphere. HP has, well, HP has MySQL!

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