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Motorola Announces Wireless Broadband-Over-Powerline Solution

Motorola has announced a wireless broadband-over-powerline solution designed to allow the utility industry to provide high-speed access to customer homes.

The wireless to low-voltage Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) solution provides an end-to-end Broadband Over Powerline solution for the utility market. The solution, Powerline LV, combines Motorola's Canopy Broadband Internet Platform with enhanced HomePlug technology, and offers the low-cost and non- invasive benefits of a low-voltage BPL. Motorola claims it is the first wireless to low-voltage solution designed for widespread commercial use.

Three pieces of equipment are needed to connect a customer to the broadband network -- the Powerline LV access point cluster, integrated antenna and bridge router and home plug modem. No cabling or other wiring is required to bring the broadband signal to service areas, and so start-up costs and installation requirements are minimal, according to Motorola.

Motorola cites a study that claims as many as 13 million U.S. households remain unable to receive broadband services from traditional cable modem or DSL providers, and says that its solution can bring the power of broadband to cities and municipalities underserved by current broadband providers.