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Mobile WiMax Standard Formally Approved

LONDON — A mobile WiMax standard has been approved by the IEEE and will be designated 802.16e-2005.

Approval by the IEEE’s Standards Board was expected since the 802.16e spec was finalized two months ago, but the formal announcement brings the advent of mobile broadband a significant step closer.

Mobile WiMax trials and certification testing are expected to start in the first quarter of 2006, organized by the WiMax Forum. Products will likely follow late 2006 and services by early 2007.

The formal announcement Wednesday (Dec. 7) brings to a close the work of a 802.16 Task Group and its project that began with the approval of the original 802.16e spec in December 2002.

Roger Marks, working group chairman, said: “We projected completion in about 18 months. Actual development took about twice that long. Though we
all would have preferred to stick closer to
schedule, the reality is that the working group
changed dramatically during those years."

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