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Microsoft To Launch IM Client Beta With VOIP Support

Microsoft is expected to announce beta availability Tuesday for its new real-time collaboration client, code-named Istanbul.

Executives will talk up the company's upcoming Live Communication Server 2005/Istanbul combo as a way for dispersed groups to work together efficiently over the Internet using VoIP.

Istanbul is also slated to support point-to-point video using "new high-quality Windows codecs," said sources. CRN has previously reported that Istanbul will support RingCam, a prototype pivoting conference-room camera. RingCam is geared to put faces with the voices in Web conferencing scenarios.

On the VoIP front, the new client when paired with third-party gateways or a properly configured PBX, will enable some pretty sophisticated scenarios, sources said.

"If you get a call on your office phone, you get an alert from Istanbul that says you have a call and who it is or from what number. Then, you have the option to press a button to forward it to your mobile or to take it via your laptop if you're not in the office," said one source.

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