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Microsoft Halts Planned Server Suite

Microsoft has grounded Discovery, its planned server suite designed to meld content management, e-commerce and EAI capabilities, an executive confirmed.

"The architectural vision of common services on a common platform is still alive, [but] there are no plans for a suite," Eric Swift, director of product management for Microsoft's e-business servers, told CRN Friday.

The move came in response to customer input, according to Microsoft. Users want simple licensing and easy-to-buy software, yet they were not so interested in buying a software suite, Swift said.

Now the goal is to align that vision with Microsoft's Windows Server Systems brand push. "We had to emphasize our portal strategy properly, so we prioritized that," Swift said.

Another objective is to align the road map between Content Management Server (CMS) and SharePoint Portal Server, according to Swift. The SharePoint Portal Server wasn't slated to be part of Discovery, although some industry observers thought it should have been. In the past few months, Microsoft had made several organizational moves that put Discovery's future in doubt.

The news of Discovery's grounding comes as Microsoft readies the formal rollout of its BizTalk Server 2004--aka Voyager, or Jupiter Phase I--on March 2. Discovery was thought of as Jupiter Phase II.

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