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Microsoft Garners Support For Its IPTV platform

AMSTERDAM — Microsoft came to the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) with a novel media processor co-designed with Sigma Designs and targeted at IPTV applications, as well as a host of set top box offerings.

Microsoft said it is working with many other semiconductor suppliers to introduce a range of SOC products to support its efforts in IPTV.

The SoC processor, dubbed SMP8634 , extends the processing functionality of Sigma Design's open standards-based SMP series of media processors to deliver the full power of Microsoft's TV platform.

The device can handle multiple channels of high-definition (HD) video and on-screen graphics, multimedia processing, powerful content security, and support for peripherals such as USB 2.0, IDE, Ethernet and HDMI.

There is also support for the VC-1 and H.264 (MPEG-4) video codecs, which the company says can further reduce development costs for set-top box manufacturers.

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