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MCI Releases VPN For DSL Access to Networks

MCI Inc. has announced two new additions to its Secure Interworking Gateway (SIG) Services suite designed to help enterprises secure access to their networks.

Intended for organizations with a widely dispersed workforce, MCI Broadband VPN Interworking offers secure network connectivity over digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable connections. The service provides redundant SIG for additional reliability and an affordable failover solution for Private IP customers.

MCI Secure Internet Access allows enterprises with Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Private IP networks to connect to the Internet through an MCI network-based firewall. Because it does not require an investment in security hardware, the service allows companies to bridge their existing network infrastructures to the Internet and IP wide area networks (WANs) at a comparatively low-cost.

"MCI continues to raise the intelligence and interoperability of our network," said MCI senior vice president of product management Nancy Gofus said in a statement. "This comprehensive suite of secure gateway services meets the growing requirements companies have to advance their capabilities in an IP world."

The new services are available immediately in North America, and in Europe and Asia Pacific later this year.