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McAfee Wireless Home Network Security

Simple Setup

Setting up McAfee Wireless Home Network Security is extremely fast and easy. After the installer runs, the product attempts to detect your wireless LAN. If it detects an unprotected wireless network, it asks you if you want to secure it. Clicking "Yes" begins the process, which can take several minutes on a slower computer.

If you've changed the default password on the router, you'll be prompted to enter it so that the software can communicate with the hardware. And, of course, using a non-default password is a good idea. Another caution is that, if your neighbors use the same router using the same default SSID as yours, you could inadvertently use Home Network Security to secure their network.

This, of course, is not the software's fault. Still, it's a good reminder that you should choose a non-default SSID if your router, which will prevent you from accidentally securing your neighbor's router.

Powerful Security

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