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March Madness Takes Hold

The NCAA Basketball Tournament didn't disappoint this weekend, unless of course, you happen to be a North Carolina or Ohio State fan. But as we cruise into the second week of what is inarguably America's favorite March past time, I am wondering how businesses are managing through this productivity drain. And then, of course, there is this question of how businesses are dealing with the drain on bandwidth coming as employees sign up for free streaming Webcasts of the games from CBS Sportsline. This week's Systems Management Pipeline poll asks if your organization has a policy in place to deal with the bandwidth consumption related to the NCAA tourney. Of course many businesses already have policies in place related to streaming audio and video, but I am constantly surprised by how many don't.

Of course all it takes is one giant event like this one to get one written policy in place in a hurry. Please take a minute to take the poll and let us know what your comapny is doing - or else drop me a line to tell me about how your business handles streaming in general.